Live Video Feed of the Gulf Oil Disaster

Following pressure from Representative Edward J. Markey (D-MA) and other members of Congress, BP has released a live video feed of the damaged underwater well that is gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The feed may be slow or freeze at times -- or may go to other content without warning. 

The video picture switches off and on periodically.  

Update 5/26/10: Top Kill attempt to stop up the well. 
Drilling mud is flowing into the blowout preventer and out the top. The mud is the brown flow. 

Update 5/27/10:  BP reports the top kill maneuver is proceeding as planned.  Adm. Thad Allen expressed optimism that the flow of oil has stopped.  BP said it was too soon to tell: 

Update 5/28/10: BP paused its "top kill" attempt for sixteen hours on Thursday without informing the administration or the media, which has further eroded confidence in BP's transparency. They said it was to evaluate the progress of the drilling mud. That when they checked it, they were still seeing some oil. They restarted the "top kill" Thursday night. It is unknown if it is working. 

President Obama gave a press conference on the Oil Spill. It is linked here. President Obama is headed to the Gulf later today.

Update 5/29/10:  BP Reports that "top kill" did not work.  BP is unable to stop the leak.  They are proceeding to the "LMRP" procedure, which is to cut the pipe and place a device over it, in the effort to capture the oil.  The relief wells are the focus in the long term.  The Coast Guard announced they will also try sub-sea injection of dispersants and will sample the water to see the impact on sea life...

We'll keep this connected while the feed is available.


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