Live Video Feed Panel of the Gulf Oil Disaster - All Cameras

(Note: may be slow in loading). BP reports they have stopped the oil flow (as of 7/15/10) but that we are "not out of the woods." There is concern about the integrity of the well; that is being tested. They may have to release more oil as pressure builds until the relief wells are completed. Related: Obama: Oil Capped For Now; Problem Still Not Done (Video)

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The camera feeds below are from the remote operated vehicles (ROV) working on the sea floor. (The feeds use Windows Media Player - if you don't have that plugin or if the feeds are loading too slow, this plugin may help). The feeds may go on and off.  If all the screens are black, BP may be resetting.  We'll keep the panel up as long as they indicate the links are available. (Unable to view? Try this link. Mac user? this plugin from Microsoft or this plugin from videolan may help).

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Skandi - ROV 2

Enterprise - ROV 1

Enterprise - ROV 2

Q4000 - ROV 1

Skandi – ROV 1

Ocean Intervention III - ROV 1

Viking Poseidon - ROV 1

Viking Poseidon - ROV 2

Boa Deep C – ROV 1

Boa Deep C – ROV 2

Q4000 - ROV 2

Ocean Intervention III - ROV 2

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After 87 days....

The new "cap" on the Deepwater Horizon well appears to be a Cameron standard blowout preventer right off the shelf, by the same people who manufactured the original blowout preventer that failed...

mfritz0 said...

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